Previously on Facebook, there was a friend who posted a warning on the polluted air index of Hanoi. I was startled as the level of air pollution has been increasing non-stop.

The air quality of many big cities is at an alarming rate 

Through the Clean Air Day event, I feel that there are things that I could do immediately at home such as planting more trees like tiger blade, indoor air purifiers and finding more about masks. I will also download the Hanoi Air Pollution Index app. Maybe I will consider switching to electric motorbikes in the future.

Some of my foreign friends, when coming to Vietnam, are often prone to respiratory diseases. They say the atmosphere in their country is not as polluted as Hanoi. It saddens me that my children and I cannot choose our place of birth. If the level continues to get worse, I fear that Hanoi would be another Beijing. My husband has been thinking of moving to the South because he thinks that the living condition there is better, particularly the air quality.

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