My family is one of the few households living near the foot of the mountain, the burial ground of Vinh Tan thermal power plant.

In the past, my husband and I made a living by farming, planting crops and fruit, raising livestock. However, since the factory decided to bury the waste here, tress and vegetables cannot survive, they all withered and died. As the waste is buried in the ground, when it rains, rainwater passes through the ash layer, washing the pollution into the groundwater, polluting soil and water. We have to change to livestock. However, even the cattle do not have enough food.

The area where Vinh Tan power plant buries the waste

Our old machine-pumped well used to be a small addition into our source of income, but now the water turns black and cannot be used. The water we use is now filtered using the model provided by the province. Water resources are very scarce.

The polluted water in the well

Recently, we received the land legal review record Vinh Tan Solar Power Plant Project 2. Our family land will be taken back to deploy for the plant. However, I think otherwise. However, I think otherwise, here the soil is polluted, and there is so much ash, how can there be solar power. I think the landfill is already full, so they are trying to expand it, I do not believe that there will be solar power.

How long can we stay here? If we don’t, where else could we go? 

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