People in hamlet 7, Vinh Tan commune called me Mr Muoi the fisherman. Now I am 45 years old, but I have been with the sea since the age of 8. In the past, when shrimps and fishes were abundant, boats did not need to go far to earn enough to eat over the years. Recently, since Vinh Tan thermal power plant has operated, it takes 15 to 20 days to go to the offshore fishing area, going to the offshore area outside the 10 – 15km radius, but the amount we get is getting less and less.


                                The beach close to Vinh Tan power plant

Since the factory first operates, the number of sea creatures living around here has started to drop, and there is not as much here as before. Every day, the factory discharge water with a high temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, in which the fish has to migrate to other areas for survival. That is not all, once a diver dived into the sea near the factory, he saw black-colour waste being discharged straight into the sea from the factory. Not to mention the ash slag from the factory, they were about to dump into the sea, but now it is moved to the mountains to bury it.

Vinh Tan coal-fired thermal power plant

I do not understand what is with this biggest thermal power project in Southeast Asia, but there were lots of black dust on the first day. Just try to put a white bowl outside, it will turn colour immediately. The people here had to protest hard for it to get a little bit better; they probably ran the air filter and blew the smoke out the sea. However, the children start coughing a lot, and they also have pneumonia. That only came from the factory chain Vinh Tan 2, 4 and extended 4. Vinh Tan 1 is currently under construction, while I am not sure what is happening with Vinh Tan 3.

My whole life has been in Binh Thuan, even if I go back to Ninh Thuan my native province, there is not much to do besides catching fish. If there are more factories like this, I do not know how I could live.

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