I think Hanoi is very polluted. When I commute and use a normal mask, the colour will turn a bit black. Air pollution affects our health and living condition a lot. The hospital is always overcrowded now. Two of my extended family members have cancer. Of course, there are many other reasons, but air pollution also contributes to exacerbating the situation.

Reducing the fume exhaust by using public transport

My daughter is currently in the 10th grade and she has been taking the public bus to school since grade 6. Although we live far away, I do not intend to take my daughter to school by motorbike. Electric bikes are possible, but she was too young to use it then. It has been 4 years already, I think I will let her continue taking the bus. She often tells me to give her used battery to store because the battery is bad for the soil and water.

Besides, we have always been planting trees. It purifies the air in the house as well as outside. Environmental protection does not mean that our home is clean yet outside is dirty.

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