I am working as a maid at the big guesthouse in the hamlet. In the past, when the coal-fired power plant was still under construction, workers from all over the country gathered, and the demand for accommodation increased, as the price of housing also increased, many people in the village also built more rooms for rent at high prices. It is not a problem if you have money, but some of them chose to borrow money from the banks. The workers stayed there for a while, but once the construction was done, they moved away, and it has been left empty since then.

The maid in the story

Previously, it was 2 million VND per room (excluding utility), yet there was not enough room for rent. Now, it is only 1 million VND per soon (including utility), but no one wants to rent. Many of the villagers borrowed money with high interest, and now they are unable to repay the debt. This hotel is the same before there were restaurants and cafes, but now there are no customers, so it is closed. Now every day, only a few tourists come and stay here for one night only.

Dust sticking on the tape

Although there are no visitors, we still have to go around dusting all day, black dust all over the furniture. The house must be cleaned every day as there is dust as soon as the windows are opened. For the window, we have to stick tape on to avoid the dust.”

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