As the truck drives past, it blows all the dust into the air to both sides of the road. I have to get up and wipe the house for the third time of the day. It is nothing! Here, doors must be closed, and you have to wipe at least five times a day to ensure the house is clean. It is already 8 o’clock at night, but there is no one here at our restaurant. I feel uneasy every time I look at my wife.

The restaurant owner

Previously, when thermal power plants were still under construction, the restaurant was very crowded. There were days that the food ran out so soon, and we could not keep up with the demand. As they are gone now, there is no one. People here often cook their meals at home, not many of them eat outside. We have not been able to sell much for months, the money we get only pays rent. Also, the climate here is hot and dry, the sea is polluted, there are no tourists, so the restaurant does not have any guest.

The small restaurant near the main road

Although we are located close to the power plant, it was still cut off all the time because the electricity produced here is exported to other provinces.

So miserable! The people here do not intend to stay here long; they all sell their houses and relocate somewhere else. My two children could not stand living their lives here, so they each migrated to other provinces. Only the two of us here, coming from An Giang to Binh Thuan, renting this house to do business. Now the restaurant is so empty, and we are not sure we could wait until the next factory is built. I will soon discuss with my wife about moving back to our hometown to be closer to my children!

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